My Story

We first joined Scentsy during the economic downturn of 2009.  What was originally a necessity to supplement our income, Scentsy has become a wonderful blessing for us! Our Scentsy business has helped us pay for school clothes, sports, music, unexpected car and home repairs, home decorating, Christmas gifts, and even weekend get-a-ways.  Now that our youngest is getting ready to attend college this fall our Scentsy business will once again come to the rescue! Scentsy continues to bless us with wonderful friendships with customers and other consultants we meet along the way and we love having something in common with people who share many of the same values we hold dear. We're so excited to help you discover how Scentsy can help your family and would love the opportunity to share more with you.  Even if being a consultant isn’t for you or the timing isn’t right just yet, let’s visit anyway so we can get to know each other!  If you’d rather you can always host a home or catalog party to explore Scentsy further and to share the products with your family and friends while earning free and half-price products. If you’ve made it this far through our story then you’re probably wondering how Scentsy can benefit you.  What could you do with an extra $200, $400, or even $800 a month?  You may think “selling” isn’t your thing or is beyond your “comfort zone” but luckily Scentsy has many wonderful high-quality products which help make being a consultant one of the easiest things you can do!  We’re looking forward to meeting you and we wish you much peace, joy, and happiness! Brenda & Don Brown